Customer Advocacy & Enablement Through Content

Customer success should focus on meeting your customers’ individual needs and assisting them in developing success with your product
Video Resources Example (SEM Rush YouTube Channel)

Customer success should focus on meeting your customers’ individual needs and assisting them in developing success with your product.

 If you review the feedback with most SaaS solutions on platforms like G2, the most frequent responses for improvement revolve around a learning curve and a need for better training & guidance. Part of making your customer successful with your product is providing that guidance through content.

The year I was born Microsoft introduced Clippy, an assistance tool for Microsoft office to show the customer what all you could do with their software. Though my memory of his guidance remains a blur, we now have things like YouTube & LinkedIn learning, as well as a dozen other tools.

Organizations, regardless of budget, need to help customers understand how to get the most out of their products.  For a company with a less robust marketing department, they can create multiple short content segments around using the product for specific use cases - think of this as a robust FAQ.  Organizations with larger marketing departments can create videos for better visual guidance (the most robust strategy is a mixture of visuals), written content, and other multimedia assets.

Showing customers how they can use your product most effectively also serves to reinforce top of funnel awareness through the customers discovery process. Managers today, when making a purchasing decision, are doing further due diligence than ever before.  Think of this as offering a customer a test drive on their terms, rather than going through the lengthy process of scheduling a demo.

Organizations also need to be able to provide customers a broad array of resources on their terms and on demand. By doing this, you make the customer successful with your product, and that further helps to give them satisfaction in order to facilitate further word of mouth, organic brand growth.









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