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When we think about communications in a corporate environment, we take a different approach. We focus on messaging and the audience.

Traditional communications firms revolve around a public relations approach, which ultimately is a lot of smoke & mirrors around media courtship and undefined deliverables. Group697 follows an audience centric model - where we help to develop your messaging in a creative and collaborative way that will best capture the attention of your target audience. We use a series of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to understand who your audience is and determine how to bring your message in front of them so that you can be heard.

Marketing & Advertising

our Marketing & Advertising experts:
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Marketing & Advertising are two sides of the same coin. With SaaS marketing we seek to position a product in such a way that your offering is exactly what a customer is looking for and beyond. We identify the problems that your target audience is facing and do our homework on what are the primary strengths of your offering. Many organizations believe that hyperbole and extensive corporate syntax around your offering is the best way to capture customer attention. In reality, it’s a much simpler equation. When attempting to attract these customers through content, you need to give them useful information of value in a simple and digestible format.

With advertising we take a purely quantitative perspective, as we are not an Ad agency. We view advertising as purely a game of digital real estate. We use research and analytics to determine where your customers spend time and advise on the best digital real estate to buy for optimal cost-effective exposure, whether that is an organic or paid approach.

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Media Strategy

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Today every company that does business on the internet needs to behave like a media company. Our media strategies division involves strategic advice on or creation of written content such as blogs, white papers, infographics, general purpose sales materials, pitch decks, short videos, newsletters, branded news websites, podcasts, webinars, and more.

Multimedia strategy ideally should act as a trusted go-to-reference for specific relevant subject matter delivered across all relevant mediums of communication. Organizations need to provide customers information on their preferred digital ecosystems of use.

Analyst Relations

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Analyst Relations have evolved. The dark days of simply engaging Gartner or Forrester and paying massive fees to give your solution coverage in the Magic Quadrant or Wave are changing. They are no longer the exclusive gate keepers of market validation and influence. Today there are hundreds of research firms, analysts, & Software Discovery Platforms such as G2 and Capterra that can provide coverage, social proof, credibility, and market validation.

We know how to navigate this brave new world of Software Discovery and Peer Review Platforms to guide your organization to find coverage, exposure, and market validation with measurable return on investment.

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