The RegTech SEO Playbook

Developing a winning organic SEO strategy in a search environment that is fundamentally self-serving

Developing a winning organic SEO strategy in a search environment that is fundamentally self-serving as a platform more than a tool to serve the user the best search results is dynamic and is getting more complex with every passing year, however you can still leverage search to help you generate high lead volume.  

What is the secret to a winning SEO strategy? There are many…  There is no silver bullet as there is no one size fits all plan, but we can analyze what works and what does not by looking at leaders and high growth challengers.  


Something the best SEO strategies have in common is an absurd amount of content and landing pages, we’re talking thousands of pages that are each focused on select key words.  In order to rank high with search growth, you need to be everywhere at once with answer waiting for any search query that is typed within your respective market - this is something that HubSpot and Wise did masterfully.  They mastered curating the some of the largest SEO focused content libraries 

2)Growth focused CMS and digital infrastructure 

Building a growth driven CMS and digital infrastructure requires developer resources that gear your platform towards focused assembly line style mass content production.  

  • Using templates and boilerplates to create thousands of new landing pages quickly
  • Managing proper internal linking
  • Generating and updating meta tags and structured data at scale
  • Handling hreflang attributes and canonical tags generation and updates
  • Cloning, updating, or deleting existing pages at scale
  • Testing changes in a local environment before pushing them to production
  • Built-in platform monitoring to detect and fix issues ASAP
  • Built-in split testing capabilities for SEO experiments
  • Seamless integration with databases and APIs
  • Assigning user roles, so team members have access to all the tools they need

3)Snippet Volume

The volume of Snippets your site owns around related subject matter can fuel massive lead volume – a snippet is the abridged extension of point 1.  If you are able to develop hundreds of snippets, short well communicated answers to any given keyword search query clearly and concisely.


The best backlinking strategy is one that is ultimately product driven.  You can work with third party publishers to build partnerships to cite your resources and develop backlink networks but the level of organic backlinking is largely dependent on your reputation and the quality and depth of your resources and product.


Good creative can be a priceless investment – from strategic public relations to copy and quality content that can be worth the weight of a thousand well keyworded blogs.  There is the work that is immediately there with an answer, then there is thee work that elicits emotion and can resonate with likeminded audiences into becoming a marketing sensation.

7)The Money Cannon Approach

Last but not least there is focused investment.  The nature of advertising is digital real estate, buying space and time.  There’s the traditional approach through directly buying ad space, then there is strategically buying existing developed resources that still have strong traffic from pre-developed content libraries that are snippet and content rich.  

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